But I Steel haven't found …

I’ve been using Ruby on Rails the last few months, I’m enjoying it. It’s easier than .Net and simpler than php. But there’s one problem, no really good debugger or development environment. Until I found Ruby in Steel.

Ruby in Steel sits in MS Visual Studio, and with a little tweeking, works much like a VB project. There’s even intellisense on the way.

How much does this cost? Well, at the moment, there’s a personal edition that’s free, and later on there will be a developer edition.

I’ll also add that the creators of this product keep their website up to date and answer emails promptly. Something that I’d never expect from microsoft.

So, check out Ruby in Steel


I have given up on Ruby on Rails. In fact, I’d go close to say I hate Ruby on Rails. But that’s hardly fair. How can you hate something so small and useless.
I spent months getting to terms with it. I found a logorithmic relationship between ease of creation and site complexity. RoR could quicky set up a small site, with getters and setters nicely. And some plug ins could get some other cool stuff running, but anything more than that was hair pulling time.

I gave up, grabbed Ironspeed’s designer for asp.net, and had a running app in a week. Pitty about the 9 months I wasted with RoR. I can use the RoR books to squash flies, cause they weren’t any help squashing any other bug.

Final verdict: Ruby on Rails, no matter how great the IDE is, it’s a new language, with poor documentation, strange setup, and very few turn key features. And ‘A’ for effort, but a ‘F’ for effectiveness.