The Scary Web

I work with a lot of people starting out with the web.

They’ve got a cool business idea, something that they think the rest of the world should hear about, so they come to me with some dosh and an idea … and that’s where the trouble starts.

The internet is a tricky place. And setting up a bad site can be worse than setting up no site at all.

Sure, there’s heaps of helpful people who can advise how to improve your internet site. Where are these people? On the internet?

Where are all the useful FAQ’s? On the Internet

Where are the useful forums? On the internet

It seems that there’s a catch 22 going on. To learn your way around the internet, you need to know your way around the internet.

I really wish there were some resources I could point people towards that would help them.

1. Learn what’s available on the internet

2. Learn how to use internet resources – forums, blogs, google.
3 Learn how to communicate on the internet – email

4. Help people come up with a ‘realistic’ business plan for their ideas. Also pointing out that ‘just because you build it‘. people won’t necessarily come.

I think the internet/web is getting easier, but there are still so many people who could use a hand. We’ve all been there, trying to learn something new when everyone already there seems to magically know it all.

So, how to help?