User name change in AD does not reflect in the welcome note in Sharepoint 2007.

 I was just asked why a users’ name, when updated in AD, does not reflect in the MOSS 2007 SSP?

I found a nice solution here  and here

But these required removing the user from the ‘All People’ group and adding them again.

"…1. Open companyweb as an administrator.

2. Click Site Settings link in the top frame.
3. Click Manage Users.
4. Check the problematic user and click Remove Selected Users.
5. Click OK to continue.
6. Click Add Users.
7. Put in the user’s e-mail address and select its permission. Then click 
8. Click Finish to complete the wizard…"

Not wanting to remove a user from anything on a Production Server, I just created a temp group, added the user, then removed them again and it was all fixed.

Much nicer than removing them from ‘All People’