Fix IE10 Flicker in SharePoint opening model dialog boxes.

If you have read every other blog post, and you have come here, this may be your last resort.
To fill you in on the problem I was having, a client had a custom theme applied to their SharePoint 2010 environment.
When ever a user with IE10 opened a dialog box by adding a new calendar entry, the area around the dialog box would flicker and shake.
I found that disabling the scroll bars in the dialog box worked to remove the flicker, but in some cases we needed those scroll bars so it wasn’t a long term solution:

<!–[if IE]>
body #s4-workspace {overflow-x:visible!important; overflow-y:visible!important;}

In the end, the following CSS fixed it up for me:
<!–[if IE]>

body.v4master {
overflow: visible;
height: inherit;
width: inherit;

.ms-dlgOverlay {
width: 100% !important;

I got to keep my scroll bars and the mean flicker went away. Phew.