SharePoint – How do I tell if my the FQDN of my server is different from the NetBios Name?

And why do I need to know?


You need to know to set up the User Profile Service Application correctly. If they are different, there is a setting that will make things magically work. If you don’t fix the setting, then get ready for days or even weeks of dealing with: “Syncronisation starting’, and various other unhelpful messages from a stuffed User Profile Sync.


There are plenty of ways of checking the NetBios Names and FQDNs but these are my favourites. They don’t require Active Directory modules and should work on any server.

FQDN of computer:

 HostName Aliases AddressList
 -------- ------- ----------- {} {}

NetBios Domain of Computer:
(gwmi Win32_NTDomain).DomainName MYCompany

In this case != MYCompany so I would have to use NetBiosDomainNamesEnabled = “1”