SharePoint Architecture Design Days – Melbourne

Just attended SharePoint Architecture Design Days – Melbourne, 440 Collins Street. Nice facilities, good content. I’d recommend it for people in the industry, who already know about sharepoint, but wouldn’t mind a new summary to refresh their memories. All in all, there were about 50 slides covering sharepoint. Each slide could have been covered in detail in more than a day. There is quite ALOT to Sharepoint 2010.

And back

I decided to consolidate my linux sites on to a godaddy shared hosting solution. And it all worked. However, some time later both my wordpress sites up and died. It has been some effort, reinstalling wordpress, and importing all my posts. But they are completely fixed. Mostly …

Netscape 2.02 WordPress theme?


Netscape 2.02, possibly the finest browser ever seen. It had everything, frames, marque text, blinky stuff. Almost perfect, IMHO all browsers since have been a poor imitation.

I wonder if there’s anyone else out there who thinks so? Anyone who may have also knocked up a wordpress theme, to look like the old Netscape, cause that would be cool.

When I see a screen pic of netscape, I still get goosebumps. All that possibility of the internet, and what it will hold.


Screenshot of Netscape 2.02


Get your old versions here: is born!

After, well many years now is finally in a nearly completed state. I like the dark colours, and the fact that it covers more to do with consultancy than web design. Since I spend most of my time doing consultancy work, it felt good to flesh out exactly what I do, instead of just saying ‘stuff with computers’. So if you want something done in IT, let me know!

Falling in love again ….

Last weekend, I fired up SQL Server 2005. It was an upscale of an MS Access backend I was using. And my god, did it seriously help me get my app working!!

I used SQL Server for some projects a few years ago, and even trained up in it. And with it’s stored procedures, triggers, user definable functions, cursors, and calcualted columns it rocks! And it’s got a really neat IDE. I’ve also just discovered that Access 2007 can edit SQL Server object nicely. Sweeeeet.

So, oh so much better than mysql. And this is from someone who’s been using mysql for 3 years now.

Mysql’s great as a content store for sites, but if you ever want to RAD an Application, use SQL Server!

Plesk visits

This site is actually getting some visits. I think it’s probably people looking for help with Plesk. I’ll continue to add to my useful list of commands. And other things that have worked for me. I’m not too impressed with plesk, but now that I know how to use it, I don’t want to switch to cPanel. So ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the Plesk show

5 Reasons why I really hate Ruby on Rails

The story of a suffering idealist.

Early in 2006, I realized my office needed a job tracking system. We’re a mac/pc office, so I wanted something that would work for both.

I decided to use a web based system. So we could eventually publish our job system to clients so they could see where they were up to.
After looking around for quite some time, I bought in to the hype around Ruby on Rails. After a few weeks stuffing around with config files, mysql databases and servers I managed to get a nice little scaffold up and running. I thought this was great, so much better than creating the system from scratch in php!!
And yes, Ruby on Rails is probably easier than php. But …

  1. It’s easier to start a new project, but as it grows, it gets exponentially harder. That right, like grains of sand on a chess board, item 7 of my project was twice as hard as item 6, which was twice as hard as 5.
  2. No real debugging. I’m a VB man. I’m used to the debugger in Access and VB. It’s a nice, warm forgiving debugger, so simple. I tried all sorts of Ruby on Rails setups, from Ruby in Steel, Eclipse and everything else that had an IDE on Rails. And they all sucked. Yes that’s right, they stank.
  3. Documentation? Forget it. Figure it out yourself, or ask on the forums. I bought 3 Ruby Rails books, and downloaded some more. Since my project was different to the ones in the books, I found their lessons very hard to apply to my situation.
  4. Enjoy being poor? Learn Ruby on Rails. Walk with me here … Ruby on Rails is free, that’s why I chose it. But because there’s little money behind it, there’s poor doco, bad support and only a few sites using it. ( compared to apache/php or iis/asp ). If you want money, go to a client who’s willing to spend money. Chances are they’ve already spent money. On microsoft systems!! So, learn Ruby on Rails and work for people who don’t want to spend money, or learn and work for people who have and will spend money!
  5. Certification? Forget it!! Another reason big companies won’t take on RoR is because, with no certification, they have no way of knowing if potential employers are any good. Period.

So, I gave up on RoR, grabbed a copy of Iron Speed developer for IIS, which is what RoR would like to be in about 10 years, and had a draft system up and running that was working better than what my RoR system was after 6 months. I’d like to use only open source software, and support it, and eventually write my own open source, but I’ve got deadlines, requirements and a limited attention span!
So, call me stupid, but Iron Speed rocks, and Ruby on Rails sucks!

The Scary Web

I work with a lot of people starting out with the web.

They’ve got a cool business idea, something that they think the rest of the world should hear about, so they come to me with some dosh and an idea … and that’s where the trouble starts.

The internet is a tricky place. And setting up a bad site can be worse than setting up no site at all.

Sure, there’s heaps of helpful people who can advise how to improve your internet site. Where are these people? On the internet?

Where are all the useful FAQ’s? On the Internet

Where are the useful forums? On the internet

It seems that there’s a catch 22 going on. To learn your way around the internet, you need to know your way around the internet.

I really wish there were some resources I could point people towards that would help them.

1. Learn what’s available on the internet

2. Learn how to use internet resources – forums, blogs, google.
3 Learn how to communicate on the internet – email

4. Help people come up with a ‘realistic’ business plan for their ideas. Also pointing out that ‘just because you build it‘. people won’t necessarily come.

I think the internet/web is getting easier, but there are still so many people who could use a hand. We’ve all been there, trying to learn something new when everyone already there seems to magically know it all.

So, how to help?