User name change in AD does not reflect in the welcome note in Sharepoint 2007.

 I was just asked why a users’ name, when updated in AD, does not reflect in the MOSS 2007 SSP?

I found a nice solution here  and here

But these required removing the user from the ‘All People’ group and adding them again.

"…1. Open companyweb as an administrator.

2. Click Site Settings link in the top frame.
3. Click Manage Users.
4. Check the problematic user and click Remove Selected Users.
5. Click OK to continue.
6. Click Add Users.
7. Put in the user’s e-mail address and select its permission. Then click 
8. Click Finish to complete the wizard…"

Not wanting to remove a user from anything on a Production Server, I just created a temp group, added the user, then removed them again and it was all fixed.

Much nicer than removing them from ‘All People’


Two more Netvibes Weather Widgets

 And these ones are animated.

After much work, I’ve finally gotten the visible and infrared Australian Satellite Images Animated and on my netvibes page.



The Standalone versions are



What I’ve learned from making these.
1. It’s still more fun making my own stuff
2. Visual Studio’s javascript debugger is very good
3. Netvibe’s Universal Widget API still needs alot of work, yikes. But it’s getting there. I hope it catches on 🙂

Widgets today

 To get a better understanding of javascript, I’ve been experimenting with netvibes widgets.

I’ve been using Netvibes for a few years now to keep all my rss feeds together. I always wanted to see the Aussie Satellite map in there, as well as the weather forecast. So now, I can see the Satellite Map, as well as some regional radar maps. I’m adding more as I go.

Thanks to for upping all the images in the first place. You can see the widget here Australian Satellite and Radar Images Widget

When Visual Studio 2008 just won't install


Ok, I tried installing Web Developer Express 2008. and Visual Studio 2008, and they kept on flunking out.
Web Dev couldn’t install the patch for KB … and Visual Studio couldn’t install Document Explorer 2008 cause it couldn’t find dexplore.exe

Nothing worked. So I downloaded the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility and went nuts on everything related to old Visual Studio files and .Net framework stuff.

And guess what? Visual Studio finally installed – yay!

My Friends, the Floor Plan Drawers

2D Real Estate Floor Plan 3D Real Estate Floor Plan


Well, I’ve been working with Making Plans Ltd for about 4 years now. They’re nice people, honest, and make good employers.
If you’re ever in the market for a Floor Plan for your home, you know, like the ones they have on posters in Real Estate windows, these are your guys, you sketch it, and fax it to them, and they send back pretty looking floor plans,



Migrating from MySQL 4.1 to MySQL 4.0, fixing the missing AUTO_INCREMENT field error


After buying a 1and1 managed server, and signing up for two years, I discovered that even in the days of MySQL 5.0, these managed servers are set to use MySQL 4.0,
This sucks for alot of reasons, the main one being the pain in the arse it is to migrate other MySQL databases back to 4.0

After stuffing around at the command line using options like
mysqldump -uadmin -p`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow` -p –skip-opt –create-options –compatible=mysql40 –add-drop-table –default-character-set=latin1 mydb > db.sql

It turns out that a bug in mysql4.1 screws up the creation of auto_increment when exporting with compatible=mysql40

Basically this means that if I export from mysql4.1 to mysql4.0, I have to manually add the AUTO_INCREMENT field type to each of the primary keys in the table. And since I’ve had alot of databases to move, each with up to 100 tables, I didn’t really fancy the idea.

So, after stuffing around I found a work around.

Export as normal from phpmyAdmin,

Do a find and replace on the SQL
And Replace With:

That is just delete all occurances of: DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1

And replace with: timestamp NOT NULL

This seems to do the trick

Worked for a Joomla on 4.1 to 4.0 database conversion
Worked for Zen Cart 1.2.6 to mysql 4.1 to 4.0
Worked for b2Evolution mysql 4.1 to 4.0 database conversion
Worked for Mambo 5 mysql 4.1 to 4.0 database conversion