Netscape 2.02 WordPress theme?


Netscape 2.02, possibly the finest browser ever seen. It had everything, frames, marque text, blinky stuff. Almost perfect, IMHO all browsers since have been a poor imitation.

I wonder if there’s anyone else out there who thinks so? Anyone who may have also knocked up a wordpress theme, to look like the old Netscape, cause that would be cool.

When I see a screen pic of netscape, I still get goosebumps. All that possibility of the internet, and what it will hold.


Screenshot of Netscape 2.02


Get your old versions here:

MS Access – the best advice for users is …


I’ve done years of MS Acccess development, for private and government departments. And from a user perspective, there’s always one key bit of advise I give everyone when they get in to trouble.

"Make a mistake, hit Escape’.
"Then hit it again, and again".

You’d be amazed how many problems this solves. So, for any one out there using SAAP NDCA’s Smart, remember, make a mistake, hit escape 🙂

PS, I worked on SMART from Version 3.0 through to 4.1
Good luck to any and all who try to develop for her is born!

After, well many years now is finally in a nearly completed state. I like the dark colours, and the fact that it covers more to do with consultancy than web design. Since I spend most of my time doing consultancy work, it felt good to flesh out exactly what I do, instead of just saying ‘stuff with computers’. So if you want something done in IT, let me know!

Falling in love again ….

Last weekend, I fired up SQL Server 2005. It was an upscale of an MS Access backend I was using. And my god, did it seriously help me get my app working!!

I used SQL Server for some projects a few years ago, and even trained up in it. And with it’s stored procedures, triggers, user definable functions, cursors, and calcualted columns it rocks! And it’s got a really neat IDE. I’ve also just discovered that Access 2007 can edit SQL Server object nicely. Sweeeeet.

So, oh so much better than mysql. And this is from someone who’s been using mysql for 3 years now.

Mysql’s great as a content store for sites, but if you ever want to RAD an Application, use SQL Server!